3D Design Hub
3D asset library for fashion designers
3D Design Hub is a library of 3D blocks, materials, patterns, and other elements used by fashion designers to create 3D garments.
Brand: STITCH (part of PVH), Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein
Team: Dreamwork Studios, Stitch Studio, PVH Digital Transformation, 
​When: March 2018
The idea of designing fashion items in 3D rather than drawing sketches by hand and then crafting physical samples for proto reviews came out from the need of being more sustainable as a business. Also, samples and sample reviews cost a lot of money as well as time and thus slow down the review process drastically.
The main principle of the tool is fairly simple: one receives a sample of the fabric, which is scanned in 3D and uploaded to 3D Design Hub. From there all fashion designers can download it and apply it in their designs.
Scanning and uploading materials and patterns is a long and tedious process. It requires expensive hardware to scan fabrics and to store files to reach high imagery quality. Rendering images takes lots of time and requires lots of storage capacity, which considering the amount and weight of files is very expensive.
Our goal was to come up with a solution that would be very easy to onboard to and to use (remember: till now fashion designers always used 2D tools to design, and some of them are in their career for 20-30 years) and should also be "light" in weight so designers can easily store and share them within their team.
Also, the tool should be universal for all the departments within the organisation, which is challenging considering that most divisions operate nearly like independent companies with their own processes.
Process & Approach
We started with open questions and discussions with fashion designers, merchandisers, product owners, pattern creators, and art directors from various divisions about their work process. Meanwhile, we were also talking to other companies who are already - fully or partially - designing their collections in 3D. 
We also conducted a design sprint and later a series of ideation workshops for Menswear division to discover a perfect balance between the needs of designers, business requirements, technological limitations, and market trends.
From a small development group, the project grew to the full 25 person team named STITCH. In a year and a half, the 3D design hub was developed as MBV, tested, and improved a few times.  
At the moment it consists of a scanned 3D material library (blocks, fabrics, zippers, buttons, etc) and interaction with Browzewear, a 3D design tool used by PVH fashion divisions.
Based on testing results, two other satellite products were designed and developed: 
01. STAGE. 
The fashion design process requires constant feedback and alignment. STAGE tool was created to present and discuss collection items for range planning and proto reviews.
It is essential that fashion items are created using a circular design principle. LOOPER tools give feedback on early stages of designing if the garment (and its designer) is using following the principle.
Trainings and costs
Calvin Klein Menswear is the first department of PVH to be fully onboard to the 3D modelling process. The team was fully trained and successfully transitioned to the 3D fashion creation process. Because of this, it is expected that the garment samples created and distributed by the division will be reduced by at least 64% in the following year.

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