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B2B E-commerce webshops for Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.
60% of PVH sales (Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein) are coming from the wholesales. To accommodate our buyers to shop easily, together with the IBM team we’ve designed and developed a B2B webshop that is elegant, simple, and yet highly functional.​ 
The main challenge was to create a white-label product that would fit both Tommy and Calvin brands. At the moment B2B webshop is part of PVH digital selling ecosystem.
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BrandCalvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger
Team: IMB, PVH B2B E-commerce team, 
When: June 2019 - Present
For some time Digital Showroom was a centre of seasonal sales for key PVH brand, and thus B2B webshops were left without much attention. But with an increased number of wholesale buyers coming to HQ every season and with only 6 weeks to sell, this became challenging. Hence we recreated a webshop for our wholesale partners where they can shop for both direct (reimbursement) orders and seasonal (forward) orders.
This led to the decision of setting up a dedicated B2B e-commerce team and thus establishing the B2B web platform for key brands: Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. Each brand got an individual webshop with the common structure and management centre at the back.
One of the main challenges throughout the process was designing for multiple brands, meaning that every feature and every UI element should be “translatable” to numerous brands. We started with Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein brands because of the high demand, but quickly grew to include PVH Heritage brands, such as Speedo, Michael Kors, etc. 
Each of the brands has their own individual style and design approach. Because of this we chose to design the while label solution before focusing on individual brands. After a few validation rounds with sales teams and buyers, we developed an elaborate design system for each brand (React native) and in parallel started the development process. This approach helped us to keep a coherent structured design throughout all brands, while allowing them to have their individual style. The design system developed for B2B webshops is constantly maintained and is available to all PVH designers and developers.
Another important task was to minimise the buyer's time spent on administrative tasks and to increase the number of reorders, which we successfully achieved by an unprecedented number of 210% compared to the previous year (for both brands as of Summer 2019). This was achieved by extensive interview and validation phase, including regular trips to various countries.
Even though all the webshops were designed and developed as one whole wholesale ecosystem, each brand webshop still stays as an individual entity. This is because not all buyers can or are allowed to shop for all brands, and thus a unique experience should be given to each brand individually. Apart for CMS and CRM systems, each webshop consists of three parts, which can live independently of each other:
01. Direct ordering webshop 
This is the most essential part of the platform, which functions as a regular e-commerce solution. It allows buyers to get any items in various quantities to be delivered on a short notice. This is used as reimbursement tool and is mostly used for so called NOS (Never-Out-Of Stock) and capsule collection products.
02. Seasonal Ordering Platform
Sometimes referred to as Forward Ordering, the webshop allows buyers to place seasonal collection orders for 6 to 9 month upfront, making them first in line to receive the new Hilfiger or Klein collection.
03. Buyer-on-Behalf webshop
Not all buyers have time to fill in their orders, and thus we order a 24/7 support on our platforms. By using this tool, sales representative can create an order on behalf of wholesale buyers. 
Calvin Klein
Because the webshop is very modular and flexible (thanks to react component library), we could easily “translate” the project to the Calvin Klein UI. In future, our team is also ready to update UI and data to any new brand willing to join the B2B webshop ecosystem. Here are a few CK pages to take a look at:
B2B Webshops today
The webshop is active in 15 European countries and covers more then 500 buyer (shop) accounts. The B2B e-commerce team continues to improve the experience by regular user interview sessions with both end users and our sales department.

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