Catalogue App
E-commerce solution for retail stores
Being in-store e-commerce solution, Catalogue app gives customers a possibility to browse and shop throughout all Tommy Hilfiger catalogue regardless if the particular item is present in the store or not. This iOS app is designed for iPad and is part of the Store of the Future program.
Brand: Tommy Hilfiger
Team: PVH Omnichannel
​When: December 2017
While it might seem like a good idea to keep all the fashion items in stock, it is very expensive for any big store to do so. This leads to the store selecting only the most popular items to be kept on display. Most of the other, less popular items, will be lep on one or two samples only. While saving the inventory space for the store, lacking items on the shop shelves may give the customer a wrong impression.
The challenge of our team was to create an app that would help store employees to assist customers in finding the right product, regardless of whether it is present in store or online. If the item not present in store, customer can order the item to be delivered to their home or to the store. The app also helps localise the searched item in the nearby stores.
The agenda of any store employee is packed to its maximum. The risk was that because of this our app would not be used, as it may be seen not important compared to other tasks. Our goal was to design an app that would ease store employee’s workload.
By visiting multiple stores in the Netherlands, UK, Germany, and France, we collected preliminary data that helped us design the first prototypes. After ideation sessions together with store employees, sales teams, and end-customer we improved the prototype designs.
The app has an iPad version, which is the one present directly in the store, but also an iPhone version, available exclusively to the personnel staff.
After one year from the app launch, Catalogue app is present in 7 countries throughout Europe and in 32 stores. Because of the regular feedback sessions, the app went through two rounds of improvements, where we simplified the payment methods and added bar code scan as a quick product search option.
In recent months Catalogue was also “translated” to Calvin Klein brand. The CK version is at the moment in the testing phase.

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