Hello, I’m Marina, an Amsterdam-based Sr. UX designer with 8 years industry experience. 
Currently I am working at PVH Europe, where I have the pleasure of working with known fashion brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, IZOD, and Nike. 
My work experience ranges from e-commerce websites to data-driven platforms, in-store touchscreen experiences and various iOS applications. 
I enjoy solving complex problems and strive for design solutions that are simple, effective and beautifully crafted. I believe in purposeful user-driven designs where the core of the product embodies its function. Focused on tomorrow’s web and today’s demand, my tools differ per project and are carefully picked for optimal results.
It really excites me to work with people who are willing to fight for innovative ideas. I value positivity, empathy and open-mindedness, and find it important to have fun along the way.
You can see some examples of my design work presented in this portfolio. Would you like to see more examples of my work or get more details on the ones presented here, please let me know.
Interested in working together?
I’m always open to meet new people from different creative fields and exploring the possibilities of new projects.  Feel free to reach out so we can share thoughts on innovation, creativity and collaboration. Send me an email and/or connect via LinkedIn and we’ll take it from there.
Thank you!
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