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Smart Mirror in Store of the Future
As part of Store of the Future project, I worked on the first release and further updates of the Tommy Hilfiger in-store digital retail environment piloted in London.  My key responsibility was designing the interactive mirror: a web-based app for the 8K resolution touchscreen for the fitting rooms.
Brand: Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein
Team: PVH Omnichannel, Random Studio
When: September 2017
Smart Mirror is located in the dressing room and is designed to aid the customer with the fitting process. Would the customer like to try a different colour or size of the garment, he can request such through the mirror itself and the item will be delivered within 2 minutes.
The design process required lots of testing and back-and-forward prototyping. There were quite a few user limitations to the product had to be considered. Most notably, we were not able to use a camera for garment recognition since as a customer in a dressing room you definitely don't want to be recorded. We decided to go with RFID chips in garment labels and iBeacon technology to identify the item, it's colour and size.
Another challenge was hardware: we had to use a very big piece of glass that was thin enough to work with a touch screen behind it, dark enough to serve as a display, and yet light enough to serve as a mirror.
We also had to make sure that the fitting room is decorated using dark colours, as with white walls the reflection so bad that one couldn't see any UI on the screen.
We used Sketch and inVision to design and test the app. We also used Abstract for versioning control and to make sure that the whole design team was aware of changes or updates in the design files.
Smart Mirror technology is present in most of the Store of the Future stores in the UK, Germany, Netherlands, and Switzerland.

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