Sustainability landing page
Promoting sustainability initiative to wholesale partners 
the landing page was designed and build to promote sustainability inactive. The goal was to capture user's attention so that they learn more about importance of sustainable fibres and eventually shop more for ecologically friendly items instead of conventional. 
This project together with the Higg Index Labelling is part of PVH sustainability initiative.
Brand: Tommy Hilfiger
Team: B2B E-commerce team, Adventure club
When: February 2021​​​​​​​
The page consists of the following elements:
1. Introduction, with brand elements and sustainable collection video
2. About initiative and why it is relevant to the wholesale partners
3. Calculator showing the difference between conventional and sustainable items
4. Shopping part, leading to landing pages of selected divisions
5. Tips & tricks for wholesale partners on how they can optimise their store
6. Follow up links to learn more

Above you can see the screen record of Figma prototype. You can also check the prototype here.

The page is live 🎉
You can check it out here: 

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