Order Intake Tool for sales teams
Designing a global PVH order intake and processing system for big seasonal wholesale orders. Also known as Tables, it is an extension of Digital Showroom and is part of the digital selling system.
Brand: PVH, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein
Team: PVH Digital Transformation, Hatch Studio
​When: December 2017
The goal of the tool is to provide its users with a simple interface to fill in the order items and quantities for single and multi-door stores around EMEA+ regions.
Since seasonal order format, as well as accounting tools and integrations, vary from organisation to organisation, our goal was to come up with a solution that would be simple enough to be used without special training, be neatly integrated with the most common accounting systems and would work fast on any machine.
Apart from that, the system should be visually appealing and fit in the current digital selling ecosystem.
We started our design process by analysing the current order intake system that has been already in place. We identified areas that worked well and areas that needed improvement. 
We also separately listed areas where change was needed but was not possible due to system restrictions. For instance, feedback sessions showed that the majority of salespeople, who are our main users, would prefer to have a user segmentation setup different from the one we use in SAP. Thus we had to find a workaround to make sure our designs work well for the sales team and don't disturb our data.
Process & Approach
Before the accounting process was pretty linear and mistake intolerant: once the wrong number was placed, our user had to start all over again. We turned the order intake flow into a more circular process, where one can decide on what steps to take first: would it be a preview of selected items and their quantities, or set up of order type and reference.
The previous order tool aimed to fit and present all the actions on the same screen. Our research showed that this makes the user more confused rather then knowledgeable about their order. For the new design, we applied "one action at a time" principle, splitting the flow between the master order overview and sub-pages for item preview, quantities, and deliveries.
The tool was styled for Tommy Hilfiger. Yet, because it was developed as a while labelled product, it can be easily re-themed for other PVH brands, like Calvin Klein and IZOD.
At the moment the MVP is already developed, tested, and is used by our key accounts. The design and development team is continuously collecting user feedback and is making improvements before releasing it to a wider range of users.

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