PVH Wellness challenge
A landing page for a charity wellness challenge
In light of CVID-19 events, PVH Europe decided not to give annual Christmas gifts to their associates, but to donate this sum of money to a good cause. To make it more engaging, the internal comms team came up with the idea of making a wellness challenge, where employees are encouraged to take a daily challenge (through custom PVH Instagram story filter). After they fulfil a challenge (run, yoga, etc), they should share this content. 
Every submitted piece of content will raise 500 EUR. It is the goal that by the end of the 21 day challenge PVH will raise 250k EUR to be donated to a selected list of partner charities.
Brand: PVH Europe
Team: PVH internal comms team
When: January 2021
The lockdown situation was challenging for everyone. After a round of anonymous surveys, the internal comms team confirmed that PVH associates are experiencing insulation and “wellness fatigue”. By EOY “we just need a break”. This year we are encouraging wellness with a fresh sense of joy by sharing (fun) wellness challenge and by giving to good cause.
We need it "yesterday"
The idea to do a charity wellness challenge was an ad-hock idea, and was created, designed, and developed in 3 week time. This is why it was essential to keep the elements and structure very simple. 
My role on this project
My part of this project included creation of the landing page, which fulfilled three tasks: information about the challenge, a form to submit content, and the filial voting form, where associates can decide which charity they would like to donate to.
Simple, but efficient
While being extremely straightforward in structure - content on the left side, and images on the right - this gave enough space to share inspiring content, while keeping focus of the users on the form.
The form itself was heavily inspired by WeTransfer form. The reasoning behind it was familiarity of the interface. WeTransfer is used as one of the main tools to send files in PVH, and thus the interface was very known and needed zero on-boarding.
Any supporting information, like details about the challenge setup and list of charity partners is presented in a popup, so that users stay within the main page.
Seeing your contribution always gives a nice feeling. The profile page will give users an overview of their content contribution and how much money their wellness activity has raised for good cause.
By the end of the 21 day challenge all associates can vote for their preferred charity. The raised sum of money will be donated based on this split percentage.

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